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Discover Peru

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Discover Peru Travel to the Peru is waking dreams pending, is connect is with one same and enjoy, is enter is in 5 thousand years of history alive. Prepare you for mastering waves on horses of totora, tables of surf and enjoy of put of the Sun in oasis with protective dunes. In the sierra, with the sound of flutes in the wind, you breathe the pure air of the Andes, and appreciate the harmony of man with nature in Machu Picchu with devotion. In the jungle, the river Amazon you will give it welcome with dolphins pink and in mother of God with the lick of macaws and the forest cloud of the manu and you will be invited to dance, to be free.Explore the regions of the Peru is enjoy of a gastronomy mestizo, unique and recognized in the world. If the heart you says that Yes, daring you to visit him with good trips peru.


Cusco historic town

The origins of Cusco are lost in the night of time. Archaeological excavations let us know that the Cusco valley (except its bottom, then marshy) was already inhabited by primitive settlers about three millennia ago.

On the mountain Pacaritambo (twelve leagues northwest of Cuzco) appeared the Ayar brothers, after the great deluge that had devastated everything.

From the mountain called “Tampu Tocco”, four men and four young women, their sisters and their wives, set out at the same time.

They were Ayar Manco and his wife Mama Ocllo; Ayar Cachi and Mama Cora; Ayar Uchu and Mama Rahua and, finally, Ayar Auca and his wife Mama Huaco.

Seeing the state of the lands and the poverty of the people, the four men decided to look for a more fertile and prosperous place to settle. They took with them the members of ten Ayllus (Inca organization that grouped ten families) and they went towards the Southeast.

Cusco culture

The spirit of the Peruvian man, sculpted by art and religion, has resulted in a creative breakthrough that emerges in an infinite variety of forms, rhythms and rituals.┬áYear after year, more than 3,000 festivals, 1,500 musical styles and countless arts and crafts confirm that the Peru is home to one of the most varied of the world folk legacies.┬áWith this bloodshed of expression artistic, them Peruvian is feed of their deep estate for project an Alliance eternal with the nature and by means of rhythms and colors, reinforce their commitment with the life that is extends to them visitors through hospitality and reciprocity, that are things so typical of the culture Peruvian.┬áThem many festivals, even those of character religious, reveal the character gladly of them Peruvian, both men as women, and its inclination to be sociable and share their hopes.┬áFestivals and rituals in the Cusco: Cusco celebrates hundreds of festivals to the year.┬áThe most of them is celebrates in tribute to a Holy pattern and are part of the calendar Christian adopted in the time colonial, although is have mixed with them beliefs magical of them ancient forms of worship.┬áThe celebrations of the Inti Raymi, Easter, Carnival, Corpus Christi and the feast of the “Lord of the earthquakes”, have a special meaning for the cusque├▒os, becoming a great folk expression of his people.

Cusco nature and biodiversity

Peru and Cuzco, undoubtedly is one of the world’s major destinations for lovers of nature and biodiversity.┬áBlessed with ocean more rich of the world, vast unexplored Amazonian forests and the highest tropical mountain range on Earth, the possibilities for the development of the biodiversity on its territory are virtually unlimited.┬áWith a little more than the 10% of all them species of plants and animals in it land and a range surprisingly diverse of climates and ecosystems, the Peru is has become in an Ark of Noah modern for lovers of the nature that, together with students of all the world, visit the Peru for acquire knowledge new and know them varieties unique.┬áThe shrine historic of Machu Picchu, Park national of the Manu and the book national Tambopata are havens of the nature.

Cusco adventure and sports

Cusco outdoors: excursions, hiking, canoeing, bike mountain, mountaineering, horseback riding, paragliding and hang gliding, river or Lake, fishing are just some of the adventure sports and activities that you can practice in one of the best venues in the world. The Inca Trail is the route of most famous trekking in Peru and possibly one of the most spectacular in America. Each year, approximately 25,000 walkers of all the world runs along them extraordinary 43 kilometers of this road paved of stone built by them incas that leads to the impregnable Citadel of Machu Picchu, located in the depth of the jungle of the Cusco.