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In general these tourist attractions are often visited because of the great importance that had in the Inca era and each visitor is always encouraged to know it although the tourist ticket that entitles you to enter each point has an additional cost outside the price of our services And their values will also depend if they are from abroad or internal tourists from Peru
To cater to our clients according to the language and the amount of tourists, our tourist transports lodge.
• 30 passengers in a tourist bus with a bilingual certified professional guide (English Spanish)
• 15 to 20 mini passengers go with a professional guide only in Spanish

The sacred super valley: we will initiate this tours prior to the coordination of the place where you will be collected.
Our start time of 7:00 am ending at 19:15 pm the places of visit:
• Chinchero
• Moray
• Maras salt mines
• Urubamba lunch buffet
• Ollantaytambo
• Pisaq
Tourist bus and professional bilingual guide.
Traditional Sacred Valley: we will start this tours in our meeting point of Cusco’s Plaza de armas next to the water fountain in front of the cathedral of Cusco.
Start time 8:30 am ending at 7:30 pm visiting places:
• Pisaq
• Urubamba lunch buffet
• Ollantaytambo
• Chinchero
Tourist bus and bilingual professional guide
For our special service in a single language with small group our departure time is:
From 8:00 a.m. and ending in cusco 7:00 p.m. visiting places:
• Pisaq
• Urubamba
• Ollantaytambo
• Chinchero
Tourist transport mini van from 15 to 20 passengers guide only in Spanish.
NOTE: In all our sacred valley services our guides will always be on the lookout for any doubt even if you have your boarding train tickets from Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu. For that we always end the visit of the archaeological center of Ollantaytambo and then give you the recommendations to board your train and if it were not the case we will complete the itinerary

In all our services we include
• In our 30-passenger group services
• Touristic bus
• Professional guide
• Buffet lunch
In our special service of 15 to 20 passengers
• Tourist minivan
• Professional guide in only one language
• Buffet lunch

For this tours it is advisable to always take your tourist tickets at hand and before leaving your hotel make sure you have it otherwise if you lose it you will return to buy the same income, then the thing you must take.
• Hat or cap
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Photo cameras
• Light clothing
• Jacket for the cold

Main Passenger


The Alternate Paths in Peru, are a perfect option to enjoy an adventure with nature, live a rich cultural legacy and a wonderful historical heritage.

Our Alternate Paths include a series of services that vary according to the type of trip, here the most representative.

​Our Alternative Tourism package in Cusco, is designed for exploratory people. With this package you will be able to know little visited places, located towards the other side of the mountains of Machu Picchu.

Professional guide

Inform and interpret heritage, assets of cultural and natural interest, and other tourist resources of the specific area of ​​action for tourists and visitors, in an attractive way


We offer you the easiest and safest vehicle transportation between Cusco Airport and your Hotel in the Sacred Valley Urubamba, direct transfers from Cusco airport

Food and drink

The typical food of Cusco, is a product of the fusion that took place between two worlds and that gave rise to the gastronomic miscegenation that we enjoy today.

sacred valley

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The Sacred Valley shows its visitors the variety of flora, friendly climate and natural resources it possesses. 


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Its diaphanous waters come from the melting of the snowy Humantay.


everyday | full day

Waqrapucara, according to historians, the real name would be LLaqta Pukara.


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These concentric terraces superimposed on large holes, give the impression of being carved in large bowls. Each of these small terraces has its own microclimate


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The Queswachaca, known as the last Inca-style suspension bridge over the Apurímac River. Located in the province of Canas, on the Apurímac River.


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They are salt mines whose exploitation is as old as the Tahuantinsuyo. Located on the hillside, the terrace-shaped salt shaker.

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