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Salkantay trek Machu Picchu one of the incredible walks to MACHU PICCHU famous of Cusco and one of the alternative routes to get to MACHU PICCHU. The landscapes that we will see through the different altitudinal floors and snow-covered mountains, and towards the tropical forests where they finally reach the high jungle. If you are thinking of a trek to Machu Picchu and want to be off the busy trails and in contact with nature Salkantay Trek Machu Picchu offered by our travel agency Casa Ananta Travelers will be one of the best options taken.
Hiking 75 km highest point 4621 meters above sea level, the breathtaking views during the trek from the small village of molle pata to soraypampa where our campsite is located with beautiful views of the HUMANTAY MOUNTAIN

• Duration: 5 days and 4 nights (optional 4 days 3 nights)
• Level: moderate to challenging
• Adventure classification: with the new restrictions on the Inca Trail, Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu is the second most popular option in the region and some of the camps are less remote than others
In the camps you will sleep with one of the clearest skies, nights you’ve never seen


• Food: lunch, dinner
• Total distance: 12- 13 km
• Walking time: 4 hours
• Minimum low point: 3600 m
• High maximum point: 4200 m
• Camp altitude: 3900 m
Start of pick-up and departure will go through their hotels from 4:10 am to 4:45 am and 5:00 am in the early morning we will go through the small towns of Izcuchaca, Limatambo to Mollepata where we will have breakfast and a short break, We will continue our trip with the minivan that will last about 40 minutes to Challacancha (3600 m) the starting point of the trek, from this sector we will be able to appreciate panoramic views of the Limatambo Valley and native native peoples as well as other mountains covered with snow of the Andes , after a brief introduction of our staff the walk will be through the vegetation and a narrow path between the dark hills, much of the path is flat and flat at the edge of the water channel until soraypampa. The path we will walk is considered an original Inca trail that connects the Peruvian coast and the oldest cities of the Inca period, following the narrow path with colorful landscapes in the afternoon rest in the camp for our first lunch, and then continue the ascent of 1 hour with 20 minutes to the Humantay lagoon and being in the place to take a pleasant and pleasant time, before nightfall we will descend to the camp for dinner and spend the night in the domes.


• Food: breakfast, lunch, dinner
• Distance: 22 km
• Walk time: 9 hours
• Maximum high point: 4600 m
• Altitude of the camp: 2900 m
In the light of day in the awake we will take a nutritious breakfast and then continue with the walk to the summit, during the ascent it is clear to appreciate the first view to the salkantay mountain, our walk towards the base of the white peak salkantay we will cross salkantaypampa and then the steep ascent to soyroccocha (4400 m), right next to the impressive glacier views of the salkantay pass (4600 m) the highest step of the hike in which in addition to enjoying the stunning views of the surrounding glaciers and The snowy peaks of Vilcabamba are also appreciated the high jungle of the Amazon, we will also observe many typical animals of the area such as the chinchilla and the condors. From the highest point we will start the descent walk to the wayracpampa lunch place where our team and cooks will be waiting for us with lunch. From this point we will continue descending towards a more tropical climate and in the so-called cloud forest. Along the route, we can see the remains of an ancient Inca road that is approximately 3 meters wide and enjoying the ever-abundant vegetation, passing waterfalls and beautiful landscapes, after the last 3 hours we will arrive to our Base camp in Chaullay (2900 m)


• Food: breakfast, lunch, dinner
• Total distance: 12 km
• Time of the walk: 5 -7 hours
• High maximum point 2900 m
• Altitude of the camp: 1600 m
Chaullay in the cloud forest, we will take our breakfast to then start our walk and cross the small town called Collpapampa take a short break in this place to see the river salkantay joining the river Santa Teresa, we will continue descending and on the route we will find beautiful waterfalls in Corimachi until you reach the banks of the totora river, settlement of Wiñaypoko place where there are many varieties of fruits such as passion fruit, mango, banana, avocado and coffee, at noon we will arrive at the town of the beach to enjoy our lunch and after a break deserved we will continue the trip in a collective transport of 1 hour to reach the town of Santa Teresa (1600 m) and locate us in our camp and get ready for the thermal baths of Cocalmayo where the income has a cost of (10 soles) to visit this paradisiacal place They have two options if they are walking the outing is 30 minutes to the point of entry or they can also use the tra nsporte local with an additional cost of (7 soles) per person. After cooling off and having enjoyed these volcanic waters, they will return to the camp and spend the night in the tents of the camp.


• Food: breakfast, lunch, dinner
• Accommodation: hotel
• Maximum height: 2000 m
• Minimum height 1600 m
• Travel distance 18 km
After a pleasant rest and enjoy the scenery we will take our nutritious breakfast, and then take the option of doing one of the adventure activities the “Zip Line” (zip line) our transport will pick them up and take them to the starting point of the Zip LINE ZIP LINE we will prepare with the necessary security equipment to start the adventure that will last 2 hours, through the 6 different cables that are in the zip lines and a suspension bridge. We will take the transport to the hydroelectric plant for our lunch, after lunch we will continue walking along the Vilcanota river but before we will stop at the Intihuatana (solar clock) for an explanation of these small ruins and also have the first views of MACHUPICCHU, we will continue walking along the train route for about 3 hours on an easy road we will be arriving at the small town of Aguas Calientes, we will go to our hotel to prepare for our last dinner with the whole group.


• Food: snack breakfast
• Walking time: 1 hour with 30 minutes
We will wake up early and begin our trek to the seventh wonder of Machu Picchu with an ascent duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes, upon arrival at the entrance gate of Machu Picchu we will enter with the guide for a guided tour of 2 hours and 30 minutes , the time we will be in Machu Picchu will depend on how we want to return to Cusco, another attraction in visiting is the young mountain “HUAYNA PICCHU” or the MOUNTAIN OF MACHU PICCHU visiting these attractions we will have the rest of the day free to explore the citadel, but to keep in mind that to visit them the advance reservations of at least two months in advance you will be able to know these attractions that are very requested.
Note: we always do everything possible to follow the fixed itinerary, but nevertheless could change from time to time due to weather storms, camp availability, road closures, guest capacity / injuries and natural events such as fires or floods.


• Informative talk before departure
• Tourist transport to the starting point of the walk and transfer to Challacancha
• Professional bilingual guide
• Machu Picchu entrance
• Personal domes for the first one in soraypampa and personal tents for the two nights in camping
• Sleeping bag
• Cargo mules (to carry the kitchen equipment and the tents as well as your personal equipment up to a maximum of 5 kg)
• Food 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 4 breakfasts.
• Hostel accommodation for one night in Aguas Calientes
• Train tickets for the return to Ollantaytambo station
• And tourist transport to the city of Cusco
NOTE: if you wish to return to Cusco by the hydroelectric route please contact us to coordinate and reserve your transport.


• Rain guards
• Water bottles
• First breakfast and last lunch and dinner
• Canes
• Entrance to Huaynapicchu and / or mountain of Machu Picchu check to see availability

List of suggested mountain equipment

• One sleeping bag per person
• Small pillow per person
• Good quality waterproof hiking shoes
• A plastic rain poncho can be easily purchased for 5 soles
• A backpack with a change of clothes for the entire period of the walk
• Sandals or slippers for a comfort while we are in the camp
• T-shirts, shorts for the walk through the tropical zone
• Flashlight with batteries
• Camera and batteries with well charged batteries as we can recharge them on the 3rd day of the camp
• Hat or cap to protect from the sun
• Recommended insect repellent 20% DEET – no risk of malaria has been reported
• Plastic or metal water containers are recommended
• Small rods and swimsuit (if you want to go to the thermal baths)
• Cash soles
• Optional sticks or sticks (covered with rubber to avoid damaging archaeological sites)


• Original passports
• Map of the walk (provided on the day of the briefing)
• Original physical student card (in case you had requested a student discount)

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