Choquequirao one of the adventures that combines nature and archeology with incredible landscapes and mountains also known as one of the least explored routes, this Inca refuge located on top of the top of the canyon of Apurimac is an amazingly preserved mysterious archaeological complex.
During this adventure we will walk with a team of professionals that will make your adventure the most pleasant, we will have horse cooks and support staff for the entire route
Choquequirao is the preferred place for nature lovers and is meant to be one of the alternative hikes for all hikers.

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• Food: lunch and dinner
• Starting point Cusco
• We finish in Cusco
• Hiking, archeological activity, nature
Choquequirao pick up from your hotels from 5:00 am to 5:40 am and depart 6:00 am during 5 hours of travel we will appreciate on the route beautiful snowy mountains such as Salkantay, Pitusiray, Humantay and Chicon until you reach Cachora (3100 m) , at this point we will rest and around 10:00 am we will go to Capuliyoc, where we will appreciate the beautiful Apurimac valley. At this point we will meet the team and horses staff to start our hike down a path, half way to lunch and arriving in Chiquisca spend the night in our tents previously armed by our staff to anticipate our walk .

DAY 2 ° Chiquisca – Rosalina Beach – Sunchupata
• Food: breakfast, lunch and dinner
• Minimum height: 1550 m
• Maximum height: 2850 m
After our breakfast (5:00 am) we will start the walk towards Rosalina beach (1550 m) and then go up a slope to the sector of Santa Rosa (2100 m) at this point we will have lunch and after a short break from a hard walk we will continue climbing up to the Maranpata sector (2850 m), this climb will be a little bit soft, during this trip we will have views of the path and vegetation of the first day, from this stretch we will have a straight walk to the Sunchupata sector where we will pass the night and we will taste of our dinner.

DAY 3 Sunchupata – Choquequirao – Chiquisqa
• Food: breakfast, lunch and dinner
Early in the morning after breakfast we will go to CHOQUEQUIRAO to see the sunrise, visit this beautiful Inca citadel for three hours accompanied by our guide who will give us accurate information about this beautiful place on the importance of the rivers of Apurímac and the river Blanco and the same time you see the Vilcabamba mountain range, after visiting CHOQUEQUIRAO we will descend to the Sunchupata sector, Santa Rosa and then continue to Rosalina beach. Later we will go to the town of Chiquisqa, where we will camp in our sleeping tents.

DAY 4 Chiquisqa – Capuliyoc – Cachora
• Feeding: breakfast
After a nutritious breakfast we will go to Chiquisqa (6:00 am), we will return by the same road to the sector of Capuliyoc and then continue to cachora walking two hours more. Once we are in the place, we will return to the city of Cusco, where we will finish our tours in their respective hotels.​​

• Pick up from the hotel, transportation to Cachora / Capuliyoc.
• Spanish professional guide throughout the tour.
• 03 breakfasts
• 03 lunches
• 03 dinners
• Camping equipment
• Entrance to Choquequirao
• Horses (Carrying the tents, food, kitchen equipment).
• Pick up from Capuliyoc, transport to Cusco.

Does not include
• Does not include sleeping bag
• Extra horse
• Canes
• First breakfast
• Last lunch
• Tips
• Expenses not mentioned in the itinerary
NOTE: This tour does NOT include Machupicchu or Huaynapicchu

Choquequirao demands good will and physical activity, so this route is considered difficult, and even more so for those who are not accustomed to walking but nevertheless the reward overcomes fatigue, so we recommend carrying. Remember to walk from Cachora / Capuliyoc to Choquequirao and return to Cachora / Capuliyoc on foot
• Good hiking shoes “treking”
• Standard backpack
• Sleeping bag
• Warm clothes
• Thick socks
• Flashlights with extra batteries
• Sunscreen
• Mosquito repellent
• Sun glasses
• Swimwear
• Walking stick​


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