Cusco magical city shows for all the visitors the extraordinary architecture of the Inca constructions so far not explained with exactitude for sample of it we will know each place with a detailed explanation with a scope according to the current studies on the part of our guides we will travel the imperial city to continue with the beautiful Sacred Valley of the Incas followed by the train trip from Ollantaytambo to the small town of Aguas Calientes, where we will spend one night in our hotel previously booked by CASA ANANTA TRAVELERS.
Seeing the sunrise on the way to MACHUPICCHU is one of the attractions that most convinces our visitors to make this tour as it gives us the option to see our seventh wonder with little influx of tourists besides being one of the first to visit it too We will know the young mountain “WAYNAPICCHU” and if we do not reach the quota because it is limited the entrance to this beautiful place we also have the option to know the MACHUPICCHU MOUNTAIN that the highest point of this attraction is at 3000 masl 200 meters higher than the same WAYNAPICCHU its exploration takes 2 hours of climb walk without counting the beautiful landscapes that you will see during the walk that opened it to add the flora and fauna of a tropical area known as jungle brow. Taking the perfect decision you will not regret it since exploring the MACHUPICCHU all day is now one of the details to be taken into account due to the number of visitors increasing to our seventh wonder and the control of visitors from entry to exit will be 3 maximum hours according to the new regulation of the Ministry of culture of Peru but is not yet being put into practice but we must take into account these details that are very important and also mention them.

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DAY 1º__ CUSCO CITY MAGICA the city tours start at 1:30 pm and end at 6:30 pm
• KORICANCHA TEMPLO DEL SOL: it should be noted that there was a distinctly religious reverence for the sun god who in turn was associated with the Dominican religious order.
• SAQSAYHUAMAN: despite the many descriptions about this place we can highlight one that was probably an astronomical clock to explore we can notice and conclude in this hypothesis
• QUENKO: religious place dedicated to the mummification of bodies or also to predict times of good harvest.
• PUKAPUKARA: red fortress maybe for the protection of ancient Cusco, its reddish hue of its stones called this name.
• TAMBOMACHAY: resting place the distance in which it is found gives rise to this conclusion.

DAY 2º._ THE SUPER SACRED VALLEY OF THE INCAS, beginning at 7:00 a.m., ending at 3:00 p.m.
• CHINCHERO: outside of knowing the archaeological center its artisanal market will show us the most beautiful works in its fabrics and the way of elaboration in the use of its natural colors.
• MORAY: each floor of its terraces andenerías maintains a micro climate different from the other so it was concluded in an agricultural experimentation center.
• MARAS OR ALSO THE SALINERAS: the salt water that comes out of a small mountain was used ingeniously by the Incas for the extraction of salt both for human consumption and also for animals that until now is still used and working with the same tradition in past ages.
• URUBAMBA this place belongs to the sacred valley of the Incas its warm climate will offer us a comfortable environment to enjoy our buffet lunch.
• OLLANTAYTAMBO: Inca fortress of protection to the sacred valley of the Incas of the ethnic groups of the jungle also a very rich agricultural area for its remarkable warehouses located in strategic places.
Ollantaytambo will be our last place to visit the Sacred Valley. We will give our last views to continue our trip to the small town of Aguas Calientes. Our train will leave at 16:24 pm from the station of Ollantaytambo arriving at the place 18:10 pm at the exit of the train station of Aguas Calientes, our staff will be waiting for you to drive them to their respective hotels and after accommodating our guide you will give us short recommendations for the visit of MACHUPICCHU the next day.

Early in the morning 4:30 am we will go to the bus station of concetur to make some data records and then board the bus that will leave at 5:30 am. this transport will take us to the entrance gate of machupicchu arriving at 6:00 am our guide will be waiting for us at the end point of the buses, and after grouping all our visitors we will enter MACHUPICCHU to make a complete tour with a duration from 2 hours to 30 minutes, at the end of the guided tour we will continue our walk to the “young mountain” of HUAYNAPICCHU we will be able to enjoy this place on our own since there is no need for a guide, as we talked before if we can not get the entrance to HUAYNAPICCHU we also have the alternative of knowing the MACHUPICCHU MOUNTAIN that also has beautiful landscapes and panoramic views of Machu Picchu.
After a great tour to the seventh wonder we will take the bus back to the town of Aguas Calientes to enjoy a delicious lunch that will be offered by the CASA ANANTA TRAVELERS agency.
Our return train will depart at 7:00 p.m. from the town of aguas calientes towards the station of ollantaytambo arriving around 8:40 p.m. at the departure will be waiting for us the staff and with the transport to bring them back to the Cusco city arriving approximately 22:30 pm ending the tours in their respective hotels.

DAY 4º__EL VALLE SUR start time 9:00 am and end at 2:30 pm visit places
• TYPON. archaeological complex dedicated to hydraulic experimentation the amazing thing about this place is that the flow of water remains the same even in rainy seasons.
• PIKILLAQTA. Archaeological zone pertaining to the culture “WARI” inhabitants that populated this place much more before the Incas where also they are appreciated traces and skeletons of prehistoric animals.
• ANDAHUAYLILLAS. The name itself belongs to the small town where the Sistine Chapel of America is located. On its walls you can see the beautiful works of religious art made by our Andean brothers silent testimony.
At the return we can appreciate places that we can not leave unnoticed as “OROPESA” small town in the preparation of bread and the most outstanding bread “CHUTA”.
SAYLLA in this place we can taste some typical dishes of the area such as chicharon and others that will be detailed by our guide, this tour can not be sent because our commitment is to know

• Pick up from the airport to the hotel and return
• Tourist transport for each of our services
• Hotel in Aguas Calientes (we can select with a higher category but the price may vary)
• Tourist ticket
• Entrance to Machupicchu
• Professional guide in Spanish
• Bus up and down
• Tourist lunch in the sacred valley and the town of aguas calientes (vegetarian option)
• Assistance personnel
• Tourist train tickets
• Hotel in Cusco (we can advise you with some of us)
• Foods such as lunch and dinners not mentioned in the itinerary
• Additional costs
• tips

In the luggage in the 365 days of the year during the months of April to November bring non-warm clothes light jackets for the night.
For altitude sickness it is recommended to take the pills “sorchipills” before boarding the flight for the city of Cusco since the height in which we are is 3350 MSNM and if you are not a lover of pills here in Cusco we have the remedies natural as the coca leaf infused drink that is one of the most infallible remedies for altitude sickness or as alpha alpha extract that helps raise the hemoglobin to the brain for a quick oxygenation and not have headaches
 the months with a lot of tourist demand are July and August the weather is perfect for the panoramic views even to visit the Peruvian jungle as the MANU nature reserve and TAMBOPATA LAGO SANDOVAL and if you are a lover of the photographs you will have to get in touch with us to coordinate well the places to visit and the necessary time in which it will be and the places that you wish to appreciate.
In the income to MACHUPICCHU HUAYNAPICCHU OR MOTAÑA DE MACHUPICCHU take your precautions and make your reservations in advance according to what is recommended since the income is limited even for the first shift to MACHUPICCHU
December to April months of rain in the luggage to bring warm clothes for the nights and rain ponchos, to avoid the mosquito bites that usually passes the small town of hot waters that is at an altitude of 2040 meters above sea level and MACHUPICCHU at 2400 meters above sea level. Tropical area so you should bring mosquito repellent and consult with your dermatologist to avoid further damage if your skin is sensitive.


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