Cusco magical traditional tours in this tour package we recommend to know our magical city before starting the tours such as the city tours sacred valley maras and moray and the seventh wonder Machu Picchu.
In this service we include the transfer from the airport of Cusco to the hotel and vice versa, our staff will be in charge of describing the tours that we will do to always take into account the days that we will be visiting the tourist places of Cusco.
The first day for all our visitors in Cusco usually experience the soroche that the symptoms are headache red eyes and dizziness to counteract we recommend taking the pills “sorochipills” and that we can buy them in nearby pharmacies or also opt for the natural method that is alpha alfa extract and that we will get in the market of San Pedro a very traditional place where they sell typical foods from different parts of our region of Cusco and for that reason is very popular with tourists of different nationalities.
Our city of Cusco is home to the important archaeological parks that were from the Inca period so the municipality of Cusco offers the protection and care of them by buying the tourist ticket and its costs are handled in two prices:
• 130 soles for foreign tourists
• 70 soles for Peruvian tourists from Peru
The house ananta travelers includes this income in their tourist packages it should be noted that each point of visit is included in the tourist ticket except for Machu Picchu because before reaching the seventh wonder we will start with the visit of the magical city
For the exchange of currencies in the city of Cusco we have two important points for the use of this service. The first one is Ayacucho street, there we can find many exchange houses and there we will find the current values ​​for each type of currency and the other is in the first block of the sun avenue where we will also see many exchange houses and also some banks that have ATMs.


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DAY 1º_ CUSCO IMMORTAL City tours: start time 1:30 pm and end at 6:30 pm visit places

• TEMPLE OF THE KORICANCHA: in brief description the temple of the resplendent gold where the Catholic culture is also agreed with the Inca culture
• SACSAYHUAMAN: a colossal Inca construction where they used stones of more than 100 tons and that nowadays the staging of the festival is carried out in the sun “INTI RAYMI”
• QUENKO: religious archaeological complex where mummies were probably embalmed.
• PUKAPUKARA: red archaeological complex where the stones took on a red coloration
• TAMBOMACHAY: place of rest and because of the many descriptions it is also known as the temple of water.
 DAY 2º_ SUPER SACRED VALLEY OF THE INCAS start at 7:00 am and end at 7:30 pm Visit places:

• CHINCHEROS: colonial church built on foundations of an Inca temple also known for artisanal work using natural colors and alpaca wool.
• MORAY: archaeological complex of agricultural experimentation in the Inca period.
• MARAS: also known as the salt mines where they extracted salt in the Inca period that until now follows the same tradition.
• URUBAMBA: resting place to enjoy our buffet lunch where we will enjoy traditional national and international dishes with a vegetarian option.
• OLLANTAYTAMBO: military and agricultural archaeological complex protecting the sacred valley and food storage tanks.
• PISAC: the beauty of the Inca constructions and the terraces make this place very visited and at the end of our visit to the Sacred Valley of the Incas we will have known intimate places and known stories that once was a culture that led to other levels the form of agricultural work and the form of constructions defying physics.

pick up from the hotel 3:40 am start 4:00 am tourist transport from Cusco to the Ollantaytambo station duration of the trip 1 hour with 30 minutes tourist train departure time 6:40 am our transport will arrive 30 minutes before the departure of the train, In the journey of the trip we will appreciate beautiful landscapes Inca terraces and also the starting point of the famous INCA ROAD, arriving at the hot water station (8:10 am) our staff will be waiting for you to drive them to the mobility bus station will take you to the entrance gate of MACHUPICCHU after a 30 minute trip our guide will be waiting for us at the entrance door to give us some brief recommendations and then start the guided tour that will last 2 hours and 30 minutes at the end of the tour guided we will have free time for photos of the important places of MACHUPICCHU, after knowing this important Inca city we will take the bus back to the town of a Warm guide for a short break and then drive them to the restaurant and enjoy lunch. In the afternoon we will go to the train station for the return to Ollantaytambo station and then our staff and transport (mini van) will pick them up at the exit of the station to bring them back to Cusco. The arrival time to Cusco will depend on the return train schedule that you wish to reserve. We base ourselves on this criterion for the reason that most of our clients have booked with us other tours of the following day, such as CERRO DE COLORES or LAGUNA DE HUMANTAY, which we usually leave at the latest at 5:00 am of Cusco. , but keep in mind that prices may vary at some times or the kind of train you wish to reserve. And if this were not the case, we can maintain the train schedule established by our agency.

 DAY 4º._ VALLE SUR from 9:00 am and we finish at 2:30 pm itinerary:

• TIPON: archaeological complex for hydraulic experimentation the amazing thing about this place is that the flow of water remains the same even in times of rain.
• PIKILLAQTA: belonging to the wari culture archaeological complex much earlier than Incas

NOTE: as we can appreciate that in our itinerary the priority is that the client feels satisfied in knowing our archaeological centers and also enjoy our gastronomy in the places that we mentioned.
To be able to choose the appropriate schedules and train classes both on the way and back, we are waiting 24 hours a day through the chat by WhatsApp or Messenger. Our commitment is to adapt the itinerary that fits the time of stay in Cusco and provide our service To the preferred language in this case our group will be only in Spanish.

• Pick up from the airport to the hotel and return
• Tourist transport for each of our services
• Tourist ticket
• Entrance to Machupicchu
• Professional guide in Spanish
• Bus up and down
• Tourist lunch in the sacred valley and the town of aguas calientes
• Assistance personnel
• Tourist train tickets
• Hotel in Cusco can consult us to advise you with some of the ones we work with
• Foods such as lunches and dinners
• And additional expenses
• tips

Recommendations to take into account in these days of travel, The climate usually in our city of Cusco has varied climates such as the Sacred Valley of the Incas that is at 2,800 meters above sea level warm weather the town of Aguas Calientes 2040 meters above sea level MACHUPICCHU 2400 meters above sea level warm climate of the jungle and our imperial city which is at 3350 meters above sea level.
In the months of April to October we have a dry climate for the day and cold at night so we recommend bringing jackets and light clothes for the day.
And the months of November until the end of March rain that could be frequent both in the day and in the night so we recommend to bring warm jackets clothes not too light in case the weather improves and rain ponchos do not need to bring one that can occupy space since we can buy them here in Cusco at a low cost.
For the use of cards, the visa company usually charges commissions for each transaction, some stores already include them and others do not, so they will be consulted first to avoid inconvenience.
On our 4th day of tours we will have half the day off from knowing our city as the stone of the 12 angles the neighborhood of San Blas the market of San Pedro we can also take part of our tourist ticket one of them the native art center place where we will see the typical dances of Cusco that the period of time we will enjoy a lot of this artistic expression that people who show this show for all our visitors.
For the last day in our imperial city of Cusco we can recommend some places to take the last dinner in Cusco.​


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