The valley of lares has beautiful mountains, snowy landscapes, lagoons, and thermal baths and a great variety of vegetation and wild fauna, and its geography location is at about (3250 masl). It is common for tourists to arrive to Lares to interact with local people, but in order to carry out this activity, they demand a 3 to 4 day walk, so we decided to organize a full-day motorcycle adventure to appreciate these places and enjoy all their beauty. natural with a tours full of adventure.


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We will start this tours at 7:30 am, after coordination with our guide, our transportation will take us from Cusco to the base of the motorcycles located in the sector of the town of maras in front of the huaype lagoon. At this point we will receive instructions from the guide on the handling of motorcycles and the safety they must have at all times at the beginning and end of the tours once this issue is resolved we will start our adventure, we will use an unpaved road passing through local homes and areas until we reach the village of maras we will cross its streets and descend through an alternative road that will take us to the sacred valley, after about 40 minutes of descent we will cross the asphalt track of the sacred valley and start the route to the valley of lares. During 1 hour and 30 minutes of ascent by a non-asphalted route we will appreciate beautiful landscapes as waterfalls panoramic views of the sacred valley and we will also cross small rivers being in the high part we will stop to see some wild animals like the typical alpaca of the area, the route will not stop until you reach the thermal baths of lares once being in the place between 13:00 pm we will take a comforting bath in its volcanic waters with very pleasant temperatures from the regular to the hottest. Then we will enjoy lunch and then take a short break.


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