Waqrapukara located in the district of ACOS province of Acomayo, at an altitude of (4300 meters above sea level) in the canyon that crosses the Apurímac river. It is one of the most important archaeological sites in Cusco, but we can now get to know it by means of an hour and a half walk whose difficulty is medium. When we reach this incredible architectural beauty, we can consider it one of the most important cultural and adventure tourism destinations in the world. cusco and that should be added the landscape impact of its environment divided into two archaeological groups.

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We will start the tours before picking up at their respective hotels from 3:30 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. and then continue the journey on the southeast side of Cusco through a paved road appreciating different landscapes until we reach CHUQUICAHUANA, and from this point We will change the route in the direction of ACOMAYO, on the route we will be able to appreciate the beautiful lagoon of POMACANCHI (3669 m), we will continue with the route until arriving at the town of SANGARARA, where we will have our breakfast included. We will continue with our trip until we reach the district of ACOS and from this route we will continue the journey by a non-paved road until we reach the community of HUAYQUI (4000 M) after two hours of travel we will prepare to start a walk that will last 1 hour with 30 minutes to arrive at WAQRAPUKARA, in the journey of the walk we will appreciate beautiful meadows and ecological floors until arriving at the archaeological site, we will be arriving approximately at 11:00 am. We will start the tour to explore the Inca site with our guide visiting the different places like the INTIPUNKU (sun gate) main square, towers, terraces, enclosures and cave paintings that will fill us with astonishment of what was once a very important place of our ancestors.

After having met some of the important places of cusco WAQRAPUKARA we will return by the same road that we used to come where and at the end of our way our transport will be waiting for us to take us to SANGARA for our lunch, and after a short break we will return at cusco approximately at 6:30 pm at the end of our tours.

Keep in mind that to reach this beautiful place has three accesses so the first is the shortest in walking (7.5 km) the second is Sangarara (15 km) and the third is for the peasant community of CHOSECANI following the trace of a pre-Hispanic road.
We consider that the shortest route is suitable to continue visiting more archaeological sites in the city of Cusco but without you is a lover of adventure and walks we can organize the package of 2 days 1 night on the pre Hispanic road

In our service we include:
• Tourist transport roundtrip and return
• Professional tourist guide
• Entry ticket
• Breakfast and lunch
• First aid kit
• Oxygen balloon for emergency on the path of the road.
What it does not include:
• Horse rent
• And additional expenses

For this day we recommend that you bring the following
• Rehydrating drinks
• Original passport
• Canes (can be rented)
• Small backpack
• Rain poncho
• Sunscreen
• Cap for heat and sunglasses
• Jacket for the cold
• Extra money
• Personal medications
• Personal snacks


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